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This is an excerpt from the funniest thing I’ve read all day

Posted by mozziestarlet on October 2, 2008

This is too funny not to share. It’s a snippet from an email from my true “Wondertwin” younger brother. Enjoy!

“Hey Sis,

So, I had the most awesome dream ever last night. I dreamed I had everyone that ever did me wrong chained to this giant tilt-o-wheel, like from a fair. Before that though, I invited them all to this huge dinner, super fancy, but they didn’t know it was me. So they all ate and got drunk. I had Hench-men too and we took everyone and chained them to the ride. Then I came out and they saw it was me and I turned on the ride full blast. They all started to puke all over each other and crap on themselves.

Then I had this catapult full of laptops and I started flinging them into the ride at them. They were smashing into a billion pieces off peoples’ face as they were hurling while I was doing my old school, semi-‘Peewee Herman’ laugh…‘Ha-nha- hehehehe!’…oh, it was so awesome.”

One Response to “This is an excerpt from the funniest thing I’ve read all day”

  1. Taylor Sykes said

    ROFL! Your bro is as funny as you are! I wish I were invited over to a family dinner.

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