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What is the nicest thing you’ve done lately?

Posted by mozziestarlet on November 8, 2008


I’ve temporarily shelved my “Instigator” cap and have switched gears.  Today’s challenge: “What is the nicest thing you’ve done recently either for a loved one or a stranger?”  This doesn’t have to be an enormous thing.  In fact, often the kindest gestures arrive in small packages.

As Morrissey says, “Such a little thing, a fumbling politeness; Oh, the difference saved me.”

Please share your random acts of kindness in the “Comments” section below.

Hold on to your friends,

Mozziestar  🙂

“Such a little thing makes a big difference” by Morrissey…

My favorite scene from the movie “While you were sleeping.”  Fast foward to 7:50 on the clip

6 Responses to “What is the nicest thing you’ve done lately?”

  1. Marian said

    A few weekends ago, I found someone’s wallet in the street. There was a debit card, credit card and a driver’s license with a New Orleans address on it. (the wallet was found in Brooklyn, NY). I mailed the wallet back to the address. i wanted to do it anonymously (because that is better karma), but the post office insisted on a return address.

  2. mozziestar said

    I was recently shopping at a wholesale membership warehouse and decided to snag a quick piece of pizza from the snack shop. The line was long, as usual, and I patiently waited for my turn. As I was standing there, I noticed a young woman, close to my own age, with the most angelic face and smile I’d seen in weeks. She was also waiting in line, but unlike the others who were grumpy and impatient, she kindly smiled at everyone around her. I silently debated for a moment whether I should speak to her, not wanting to invade her privacy or appear like a looney toon.

    When I went to the drink fountain to refill my soda, she was standing beside me. I looked over at her and said, “I don’t mean to sound corny, but you are so beautiful. Your smile is contagious and has brightened my day.” At first, she seemed a tad bit embarrassed and caught off guard. A few moments passed, she grinned from ear to ear, and replied, “Thank you so much. You have just brigtened my day too. You have no idea.”

  3. good samaritan said

    I was in the checkout lane at Kroger..the lady in front of me was short on cash. She was pretty flustered and embarassed so I asked the cashier how much she was short and paid the difference. The lady was so stunned that she hugged me. She said she didnt think there were any good samaritans left out there. I hope I proved to her that there still are.

  4. RWP said

    I sent my wife flowers to her office for no special occasion.

  5. I have a tendency of doing things for strangers just for the heck of it and do not ask for anything back. I filled this girl’s tank one time, I bought this girl a brand new $200 dress, I bought a friend of mine a brand new $500 phone and it was just out of the pleasure I get when I look upon somebody’s face and see a bright smile. I know that the big Man upstairs is working through me to make somebody’s day or to bless someone! I just pray that they pass it on and hope the real big JC can continue to manifest in me like that!! I have no regret for doing it.

  6. Tash said

    On Friday I took the kids to KFC for dinner. The line for the drive through was horrendous, but in my kindness I let a car pull in front of me. Imagine my consternation when the individual in question didn’t even acknowledge my kindness. In fact, he looked at me like it was his right, that he was better than me and deserved to be in front of me in all things. As I felt my ire rise, I noticed he had a dog in the car with him. Then I noticed a woman as well. “Hang on”, I thought, “look at them.” Their faces were miserable. I looked at my children in the back seat, giggling and talking boy talk, and looked back at the couple. Maybe, unlike me, the worst thing in their day wasn’t being stuck at the drive through. There wasn’t a banner flying from their car indicating a recent tragedy, but I could feel it. My smugness at being better than them melted and I realised that the random act is more than an ego boost. It’s sometimes the only connection we make with other humans that allows us to see a “sameness.” Sometimes the recipient is grateful and other times they’re oblivious, either way a gift has been exchanged and sometimes, if we’re really lucky, a lesson learned.

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