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Time marches on

Posted by mozziestarlet on November 11, 2008

A note from Mozziestar:  “New readers:  Many of you have stumbled upon my blog mid-story and are confused as to the order of events.  When you view the blog, the most current entries are on the main page.  I always write the blog one day after events in my life unfold, so hopefully that will clear up any confusion.  Please click on ‘Archives’ to begin with the first entry from September if you have just tuned in.  Flashback entries are woven into the mix.”

Today, I received an email from my 11th grade AP English teacher that I mentioned in the entry “Time stands still.”  I’ve posted the link to that entry below, in case you may have missed it.  Her email response is listed below the link.

“My goodness, Mozzie!  I am in tears as I read your fabulous writing.  I am glad that I waited until today to read your blog.  I needed to be uplifted – You saved my soul today.
Thank you, little angel.”


2 Responses to “Time marches on”

  1. regular lout said

    True but a great writer does the same. *wink wink*

  2. I totally agree!! It is very uplifting. I believe her.

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