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Friday inspiration

Posted by mozziestarlet on November 14, 2008

A note from Mozziestar:  “New readers:  Many of you have stumbled upon my blog mid-story and are confused as to the order of events.  When you view the blog, the most current entries are on the main page.  I always write the blog one day after events in my life unfold, so hopefully that will clear up any confusion.  Please click on ‘Archives’ to begin with the first entry from September if you have just tuned in.  Flashback entries are woven into the mix.”

* All poems included here were written by Mozziestar and are protected under copyright law.


My mind still plays with
the silver memory of that evening;
I recall how the passion of your darkness
devoured my intellect
and with such precision,
your mouth delicately shaped each word
into a lasting impression.
I remember trembling
as my soul overflowed with you,
and feeling warm as the sun
set on our shoulders.


I’m struggling to recall
the precise moment that I fell in love with you,
and I’m not certain, but,
I think it was somewhere around the time
when you were fantasizing about her. 
That makes sense.


is such a devil’s game
of haves and have-nots;
Perhaps a more skillful player
would rely on instinct rather than judgment
to guide the course of one’s actions.
Truly, a devil’s game
with such a thin line drawn
between love
and hate.


we comprise insanity,
but together,
we’d define perfection
if you would only open your eyes
and let us happen.


“When God leads you to the edge of a cliff, trust Him fully and let go. Only one of two things will happen: He’ll either catch you when you fall, or He’ll teach you how to fly. Oh, the power in one sentence! He will shift things around and let things work out in your favor. Life may close a door that no man can open, but God opens doors no man can close.”

– Anonymous


3 Responses to “Friday inspiration”

  1. jaws with balls said

    Inspriation hell yeah. Your it!!!

  2. jayashree said

    Mozzie-love your style.Beautiful,but laced with irony-

    ”I think it was somewhere around the time
    when you were fantasizing about her.” -Ouch!!

  3. mozziestar said

    Jay Jay,

    Thank you for reading and for your uplifting comments. I’m hoping what I lack in “style,” I make up for in substance. You are such a kind person. It takes one to know one. 🙂

    Your kindred sistah spirit,


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