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Tuesday poetry: Chicken soup for the soul

Posted by mozziestarlet on November 25, 2008


* All poems included here were written by Mozziestar and are protected under copyright law.



You have disappointed me

far more

than you have ever

loved me.




Each day that life presents

I remind myself

to be thankful;

Despite my heartbreak

and personal tragedy,

I know that beneath

the hysteria

a lesson exists to be learned,

and I must be brave enough

to embrace it.




True friends

are the sunlight of my days

and the solace

of my nights




We started as strangers,

sharing our stories

over a bustling crowd of flesh-eaters;

The booze flowed,

while the smoke from your cigarette

swirled about my face.

We laughed a lot,

between smiles and glances,

and after four hours of fleeting seconds,

I finally drove you home

without the courage

to stay behind.




You pleaded for those




to escape my lips

and so,

I gave them to you

along with several others –

I don’t love you anymore.



4 Responses to “Tuesday poetry: Chicken soup for the soul”

  1. Anonymous said

    All very true … very true. Excellent work m’dear.

  2. jayashree said

    ”You have disappointed me
    far more
    than you have ever
    loved me.”

    Mozzie – I relate to this completely. It’s like you summed up my relationships in these few lines.
    Your poems are beautiful and moving.

  3. Al said

    hi mozzie,

    just wanted to say how much i loved a poem i just read on your site-i checked out the link from facebook (smiths). you have quite a talent with words, keep it up!

    best wishes.

  4. Nathan said

    I have just read some of your stuff. Completely intriguing and very talented.

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