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25 Random and nonsensical things

Posted by mozziestarlet on February 3, 2009

1.  I’ve always been in love with new school supplies.  Every Fall, I buy a new collection of glitter pens, smelly markers and notebooks.  This year I bought a hot pink Trapper Keeper.

2.  When I was in elementary school, I wanted to be a geneticist.

3.  I first realized I was a writer when I was eight years-old.  I wrote a novelette entitled “Savannah” when I was eleven years-old.

4.  I have a habit of  nicknaming those close to my heart and rarely call them by their ‘real’ names.

5.  I was on a clogging team until I was thirteen years-old.  Look out Michael Flatley!  Inevitably, it was having to dance to country music routines that diminished my interest.  

6.  I have loved dogs all of my life, but didn’t actually own one until I was eighteen years-old.  He was a mutt I named Sambo.

7.  There was only one true thing I wanted from my life growing up:  a family and children of my own.  I’m nearly 36, have been married and divorced twice, and have no children.  My older brother, who vowed a childless life of bachelorhood in high school, is happily married with five little ones.

8.  My pantry is stocked with sugar-coated cereals.  Captain Crunch with Crunchberries is my favorite.

9.  There are no movies in my DVD collection which pre-date 1980.

10.  I carry a Barbie lunch box to work every day.

11.  On the Myers-Briggs personality inventory, I am an INTJ, with the highest percentage in the “I (Introvert)” category.  Out of 100%, I scored 89% as an introvert.  This baffles nearly everyone who knows me.

12.  I have two true loves in my life:  my 11 year-old Cockapoo and Morrissey.  I first heard Morrissey in 1988 and have spent 21 years on his trail.  Both inspire me on a daily basis.

13.  I watch very little TV and usually only tune-in for Nip/Tuck every Tuesday night.  I have no explanation as to why I love this program, given that it represents much of what I detest in life.

14.   My hair has been nearly every color with the exception of black.  I am a natural blonde.

15.  My parents have been happily married for forty years.  In all honesty, I have never been.  My parents decided when we were born to call each other “Mama and Daddy” rather than refer to one another by their first names.  Even though we are all grown adults now, they still call each other this despite whether we are around or not.

16.  I know very little modern music and fluctuate between two channels on XM Radio:  the 80s and classic alternative.

17.  My favorite movie is “Somewhere in Time” (1980).  I’ve watched it hundreds of times, but sob like a girl each and every time.

18.  I detest baked beans, English peas and sweet potatoes.  Even as a baby, Mom couldn’t get me to digest these.

19.  I’m a bit of a clean freak.  I take two showers every day.

20.   I am the nicest person you will ever know with the most sarcastic sense of humor.

21.  I have travelled throughout the United States, but the one place I long to visit the most is somewhere I’ve never been:  England.

22.  I am far from a ‘girly girl,’ but I adore gemstones.  I have a large collection of stones in nearly every color.

23.  I always keep my nails manicured.  I’ve found that despite how lousy you may feel, having your nails done always makes you feel like a lady.

24.  I fall into the less than 10% of people who actually work within their college major.

25.  My favorite alcoholic drink is a Bass Pale Ale.  I’d rather have a cold draft beer more than any other tody.  My staple is milk.  It does the body good.

One Response to “25 Random and nonsensical things”

  1. Anonymous said

    Nice to read more about YOU after all these months.

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