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Last night I dreamt that somebody shoved me

Posted by mozziestarlet on February 17, 2009


As readers of the blog, you are all aware that I typically have the most bizarre and vivid dreams during the few hours of actual sleep I enjoy each night.  Usually, I awake to a sheet storm of twisted blankets, misplaced pillows and the ever-creeping comforter at the   foot of the bed.  I’m often amused by the seemingly random nature of my dreams and their possible meanings, so I consult my Dream Dictonary Doctors at for further clarification and interpretation.  Last night, I had another doozie of a dream, where the now EX-husband was pushing and shoving me, mumbling and stumbling not-so-nice words in my general direction.   Given that he is down to his final week of living in my home before he’s given the boot once and for all, I suppose I’m harboring a lot of feelings of uncertainty and general anxiety about it.  Will he leave quietly and peacefully or will he pull his usual ‘I’m the victim’ dance and try and harass me as much as possible before his time runs out?  Given my experience with him over the past seven years, I think the latter is most likely.

So, what does all this pushing and shoving signify, oh great and powerful dream wizards?  Hmm, let’s see…

To dream that you are pushing something, symbolizes energy, effort, encouragement and a new drive to succeed in life. Consider also how you are someone in your life may be a ‘pushover.’

To dream that you are pushed or being pushed, signifies that you are being pressure or feel coerced into doing something. Alternatively, it implies your need for perfection. You may be finding that you do not have enough time to complete a task.

Naturally, after reading this, I reflect on what the Dream Dictionary Doctors might say in response to my latest doozie:

“Dear troubled, yet ever faithful, Mozzie,

Thank you once AGAIN for consulting The Dream Dictionary for further clarification of your latest slumber-ific experience.  Upon first analysis, we were hoping that the person being shoved in your dream would be your ridiculuous excuse of an ex-husband and not yourself.  When are you going to stand firm and realize that you have no reasonable excuse for feeling worthy of being mistreated?  Until you come to this realization, there is little we can do to assist you further.  We appreciate your CONTINUED visits to our website, but for heaven’s sake…get a clue, will ya?  And as always, we keep an immediate refferral on file on your behalf to the nearest mental health facility.  Best wishes for your new life’s adventure, The Dream Dictionary Doctors.”



2 Responses to “Last night I dreamt that somebody shoved me”

  1. Taylor said

    hahaha!! I am sorry for your struggles but I love how you intertwine Morrissey/Smiths stuff into your writing.

  2. Hi Mozzie, I also had a dream about being shoved and came across your wordpress blog, how interesting. I thought I would post a good dream dictionary (click there for link) that I came across in my search for a meaning. I also checked out the dream moods link you posted and that looks good as well.

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