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No patience for ‘the patient’

Posted by mozziestarlet on February 18, 2009

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the diminishing days remaining until the ex-husband is forced to move out of my house.  Knowing this man and his predictable behavior all too well, I’ve been expecting last minute shenanigans on his part to make his final departure as much as an ordeal for me as possible.  What you have to understand about the ex-husband is that he is the most incapable, or rather, unwilling individual when it comes to taking care of his own business.  He lacks the common sense that most of us take for granted, and he fully capitalizes on it by insisting that he ‘can’t’ do this and ‘can’t’ do that.  That’s been the case since the day we were married…. Mr. Can’t Never Could.  So, I always ended up being the one to take care of everything from paying the bills to getting the groceries.  He was even too lazy to learn how to access his checking account or get simple directions for a doctor’s appointment.  It was always, “Babe, can you do this for me?  You’re so smart and can do it so much faster than I can.”  Blah, blah, blah.   Dealing with his nonsense has been the most annoying and trying thing for me, but I remind myself that it will soon be over and any effort made on my part will ultimately result in his faster departure. 

The simple act of his leaving has been a major hassle for me.  I’ve been the one scheduling his moving arrangements, giving him money for the trip home, and reminding him of all the things I know he hasn’t bothered to think about.  Now his latest predicament is that he “just can’t get everything loaded and ready to move until Saturday,” and given that he’s ordered to be out by Friday, he’ll “have to sleep in his car on Friday night.”  Well, boo hoo.  I must tell you that the ex-husband’s mastery of the art of playing ‘the patient’ should earn him an Academy Award.  When I use the description ‘the patient,’ I mean to say that he always insists on being the one who requires constant help and support from the wiser and more knowledgeable, ‘doctor.’  He’s always the weaker party; the patient that must have his hand held through every trial he faces.  Truly, it’s not only nauseating, but ridiculous.  To think that this man has made it nearly 47 years playing this act astounds me.  Will he ever face his responsibilities and handle things himself or will he simply find another ‘doctor’ to treat his unfortunate shortcomings?

Ugh.  Who knows and frankly, who cares?  I certainly don’t.  The only dose I’m willing to give my ex-husband, the eternal patient,  is a large shot of reality.  So, ex-husband…suit up, stick your arm out, and get ready to be stuck.  This doc is through making house calls.


3 Responses to “No patience for ‘the patient’”

  1. Another ex-wife said

    I feel your pain!!! You are going to be soooo much better off when he’s finally gone.

  2. regular lout said

    Problem with your husband is that he needs a mum more than he needs a mate. What a twat.

  3. Redman said

    Now the concern is that you don’t jump and make another “mistake” like this one. Be slow to engage and very wary from the start. Twice burned should make you afraid of fire; very afraid.

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