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Today was Sunday and Sundays are always bad

Posted by mozziestarlet on November 10, 2008

These are a few of my favorite poems by Peter McWilliams, a famous writer with whom I was fortunate enough to exchange emails before his death in 2000.  As a writer, there is nothing more rewarding than knowing that your words have touched the hearts and minds of others.  Fame and fortune are but secondary and tertiary, and often happen without desire or ambition.  Below is a brief excerpt of Peter’s philosophy on ‘creative things.’  In a nutshell, he believed they are to be shared.  I hope to follow in his footsteps, and in doing so, celebrate his contributions.

“Creativity stimulates the creators and entertains everybody else. The vast majority of people need to be entertained. God bless them every one. Creative people, however, need to be stimulated, inspired, nudged, cross-pollinated, and occasionally kicked in the ass. Art both entertains and inspires at the same time.

These are your poems.  I only wrote them down.”

– Peter McWilliams

Although my
nature is not to
live by day,
I cannot
tolerate another
night like this.
I will wake up
tomorrow morning and
do do do
all day long,
falling asleep
exhausted tomorrow
early evening,
too tired
even for


I’d have a nervous breakdown,
I’ve been through
this too many
times to be


This season is called
because everything
nature builds
all summer long
Like our love.


She asked me if seeing
you was a drain.
Seeing you is not a drain.
It’s a sewer.


In Memoriam…


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