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The year 2012….has it changed anyone here?

Posted by mozziestarlet on September 6, 2012


Stay tuned.

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“Why I am convinced that Morrissey should marry me”

Posted by mozziestarlet on September 26, 2008

Right. So, I’ve spent 20 years pondering this and I’m fairly certain (like all heterosexual women in the free world) that Morrissey should marry me, immediately, if at all possible.

5. We have identical tastes in music…him, him and well, him.

4. We both think Oscar Wilde was a brilliant lad even if he liked to play with the other boys’ ding dongs.

3. Like every American, I have surrendered my political views and have decided to vote ‘none of the above’ in the upcoming election. Therefore, Morrissey can feel comfy in wearing the political pants in the family.

2. We both adore animals and find humor in the smallest of things.

1. Since marriage ultimately turns into friendship when all is said and done, why not ‘walk the plank’ with a Georgia peach?


“Will never marry” by Morrissey

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