The “Bad Husband” Chronicles

Just another day for you and me in Paradise

Poet’s Page

* All poetry included here was written by Mozziestarlet and is protected under copyright law.

Moving on

is a difficult task in life,

particularly when you don’t know

where to go

or how to get there;

Sometimes, it seems

that life’s uncertainty

is the only certain factor




If what goes around

comes around,

then you are in for an exciting ride

down Retribution Lane

and the only thing

you’ll remember after all is said and done,

is how hard

you hit the bottom.


It seems that

the road of life has forked

yet again,

and I’m left to discern

which path I’d like to take;

I must say that I’d particularly enjoy

and fancy the scenic view at present,

and find very little appeal

in travelling down any path

that might resemble a previous stopping point.

You see,

life is about making choices,

and at this point and time,

I choose freedom




I’d like to understand why

I can be so disgustingly predictable,

but even my reasoning of this is

just as much

(or as little) –

I’d love to be brazen

and hot

and learn to fly among the free,

but I’m certain I’d only find some means

of sabotaging my efforts

while they were still only a forethought;

In my life,

I always hesitate.

I am the perfect image

of cancellation


I suppose time must move on

even if its procession

continues to depress me;

It seems that no one cares

that I care,

and try as I may,

I cannot halt

the avalanche of seconds

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